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Insurance and Registry Services in One Convenient Location

Matheson Insurance Services Ltd was started in 1996 by Geoff Matheson. Sherwood Park Registries was founded by Geoff’s father Ed Matheson in 1972. With our long history in the area, we’re involved in many community organizations. Both Geoff and Ed have been members, part of the board and past Presidents of the Sherwood Park and District Chamber of Commerce; Ed a past President of the Rotary Club and Geoff recipient of the honorary Friend of the Rotary Award along with volunteering for many other and other non-profit and local sports organizations.

Community Involvement

We are strong supporters of local organizations financially, and we also volunteer many hours to non-profit organizations such as:

  • Rotary Club of Sherwood Park (Title sponsor of annual charity golf tournament)

  • Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce (Geoff – past president and current board executive member)

  • ACC (Gold member)

  • Robin Hood Association

  • Many local sports programs and other groups

Contact us to learn more about our company or to request a quote on your insurance needs!

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