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RV and Motorhome Insurance for Sherwood Park Pleasure-Seekers

We’re Canadian, so naturally we all love to explore this beautiful country we share. But, again, we’re Canadian, so we also seek to travel safely, smartly, and as politely as possible. That’s why Matheson Insurance Services offers RV and motorhome insurance for Sherwood Park and Alberta families. 

Whether your insurance needs are big or small, we can help you find the right coverage. We offer competitive rates on campers, travel trailers, as well as multi-million-dollar diesel pusher buses and coaches.

Matheson Insurance has come together with the leading RV and motorhome insurance providers to bring you a suite of packages specifically tailored to meet the needs of RV enthusiasts. These coverage options could include:$2,000,000 liability

  • Physical damage (see below*)

  • $50.00 glass deductible

  • Accident waiver

  • Contents/personal property contained in unit

  • Optional coverage (exterior attachments; decks, patios, awnings, Florida rooms/porches)

  • Loss of use

  • Premise liability available

  • Optional basis of physical damage settlements

*Cash Value and Replacement Costs — What are the Differences?

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost — Guaranteed replacement cost is offered to units manufactured within the past 10 years. If your unit is written off, you’ll get a brand-new unit of similar or equal value (with no limit). 

  • Replacement Cost — This type of coverage is slightly different than guaranteed replacement cost. With a basic replacement cost, when your unit is written off, you’ll get a brand-new unit similar to yours, up to the insured policy limit.

  • Actual Cash Value — If your unit is written off, you’ll only get back what your unit would be worth at fair market value.

Ask us about your RV discount opportunities as a customer of Matheson Insurance Services — call us today!

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