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Commercial Insurance in Sherwood Park – Protection For Your Business

Need insurance for your business? If you’re shopping for commercial insurance in the Sherwood Park area, contact Matheson Insurance Services Ltd to get a quote today. Whether you’re looking to insure your fleet/commercial automobiles, commercial property, or equipment, our team of insurance brokers can help. We’ll go over all the options and work with you to find a coverage solution that allows you to conduct your day-to-day business without worrying. 

The legal requirements for businesses can be complex and difficult to understand. That’s why it’s crucial to have a commercial insurance broker with the necessary experience to advise you and recommend the coverage options that will address your unique risks.

Taking Care of Commercial Property Insurance for Your Industry
Matheson Insurance Services Ltd will provide you with insurance that best fits your needs and budget whether you own an apartment building, professional office, restaurant, bakery, or retail store, among many other types of business, including:

  • Manufacturing, wholesale and service shops: Small and mid-size businesses, woodworkers, metal workers and machine shops, repair garages, printers and appliance repairs

  • Construction and contractors: Landscapers, carpenters, building maintenance services, electricians, heating, refrigeration and electrical contractors, as well as window, door and floor installers

  • Transport and logistics: Truck drivers, hot shot deliverers, bus drivers, taxi drivers and more

  • Business and professional: Doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects and more

  • Retail: Grocery, clothing, gift and furniture stores as well as retail bakeries and liquor stores

  • Restaurants and hospitality: Restaurants, coffee shops, and accommodations such as hotels and motels

  • Farm and agriculture: Commercial crop or animal farms including dairy farms, meat farms and fish farms

  • Builders: Commercial and residential buildings

  • Realty building owners: office, retail, wholesale and apartment buildings

  • Surety and bonding: Get a surety bond to help build trust with your business partners

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